Spae IoT - Energy


  • Completely automated Remote Meter data reading at configurable intervals (pull)
  • Consolidated meter consumption, which can calculate consumption of all units and compare it to bulk meter consumption to determine losses
  • Connect/Disconnect option to control load side
  • User-friendly web monitoring to determine faulty meters and electricty losses, as well as asset location.
  • User mobile app for self monitoring and load management
  • Cellular and WiFi communication network allows for multiple nodes to be connected by GSM concentrators. The concentrator can be optionally powered by Solar power.
  • Time of day (TOD)/TOU metering
  • Billing (Including Net Metering)
  • Alarm/Event detection, notification and reporting
  • Integration with other existing systems like Billing & collection software, GIS mapping, consumer indexing, new connections & disconnection, analysis software, Outage Management System, Customer complaints, etc.
  • Analytics, Reports, etc
  • Command Center software application for monitoring


  • Extremely accurate and cost effective meter readings, resulting in significantly increased municipal billing
  • Regular 30-minute reading intervals that guarantee reading cycles are maintained
  • Increased payment rates and debt collecting Enhanced customer relations and significantly reduced account queries
  • Consumers can view their daily, week, monthly and yearly consumption online
  • Graphical online view of supply schemes so that municipal staff can easily determine and rectify losses
  • Online identification of tampering and faulty meters
  • Online verification of meter asset infrastructure
  • Compatible with approved pulse-output meters
  • Automatic registration of new meters installed
  • Ability to accurately plan for additional capacity